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This page features registered professionals who actively consult and collaborate with Gavin McAtee (Registered Psychologist). Gavin focuses his practice on a holistic team-based approach and refers clients to other professions to provide the best service possible. 


Contact Gavin or any of these professionals directly to learn more.

Gavin McAtee


Registered Psychologist

Populations: Children, Teens, Relationships (Family, Couples), Adults

Expertise: Child & Teen Issues, Emotional Regulation, Developmental Disorders (ADHD, ASD, Learning Disorders)

Coverage: FSCD, WCB, Direct Billing for all major Private Health Insurance Companies, Sun Life Gold Provider

Chantal Côté 


Registered Psychologist

Populations: Children, Teens, Parents, Young Adults

Expertise: Female Teens and Children, Art Therapy

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Contact directly to learn more

Robyn Lett


Registered Provisional Psychologist

Populations: Adults, Couples, Families

Expertise: Trauma, Neurodiversity (i.e. ASD, ADHD) Issues, Anxiety, Relationship Issues

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Contact directly to learn more

You are welcome to contact Gavin to speak/consult about a referral or you can contact any of the professionals listed above directly through their webpage (Learn More).

Kaitlyn Bernardin


Registered Occupational Therapist

Populations: Adults

Expertise: ADHD, Eating Disorders, Anxiety

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Check with your health insurance provider

Kirsten Kelly 


Registered Speech Language Pathologist

Populations: Children 12 months to 16 years old

Expertise: Developmental Disorders (ASD, Learning Disorders), Literacy Based Intervention, Language Disorders, Learning Disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Coverage: FSCD; Receipt to health insurance provider

James Murch


Registered Psychologist

Populations: Adults

Expertise: OCD, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders

Coverage: Submit receipts to your health insurance provider

Shannon Kelly


Registered Psychologist

Populations: Preschoolers, Children, Teens, Parents

Expertise: ADHD, ASD, Social Skill Development, Sensory Processing, Executive Function 

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Contact directly to learn more

Dr. Adam Robinson



Populations: Adults

Expertise: Requires additional information from provider

Coverage: Direct billing for all major health insurance companies

Noelle Lee


Registered Speech Language Pathologist

Populations: Children

Expertise: Requires additional information from provider

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Contact directly to learn more

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Jocelyn Tuohy


Registered Psychologist

Populations: Individuals, Couples, Parents, Teens

Expertise: ART for Trauma, Couples 

Coverage: Private Health Insurance; Direct Billing for Blue Cross & Green Shields

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