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Couples Therapy
Child Counselling Calgary | McAtee Psychology

Child Counselling Calgary

Our approach with children includes a combination of child-friendly therapy strategies in conjunction with parent consultation. After performing an assessment we will help you understand the root of your child's difficulties and provide you with at-home interventions to support you and your family in managing these difficulties. We use developmentally appropriate strategies to help your child express their emotions so they can better manage emotional and behavioral challenges.


We use a network of a child psychologists, Occupational Therapists and Language Pathologists whom we can refer to, to provide your child with the support they need to lead a rich, full, and meaningful life. For Children/Teen Counselling - the primary client(s) should be the child. All first appointments for child/teen counselling are with parent(s) only. Speak with your therapist if you wish to change this arrangement

Types of Child Counseling

Types of  Child Counselling

Benefits of Child Counselling

  • Sharing of thoughts and emotions

  • Identify the real problems and issues that the child is having and learn to treat these issues effectively

  • Strengthen the child-parent relationship

  • Being able to express their problems generally leads to a happier child.

Psychologist for Children | McAtee Psychology

Child psychologist & Child Counselling FAQ

Amy Patterson BChSt, BA., MC., Registered Provisional Psych | McAtee Psychology

Amy Patterson
BChSt, BA., MC.,
Registered Provisional Psych

Availability Bi-weekly

710479-1775174-2_320x400 (1).jpg

Gavin McAtee
BA., BASc., MEd., Registered Psych

Ally Venturo B.A., Counselling Intern | McAtee Psychology

Ally Venturo
B.A., M.A 
Registered Provisional Psych

Lots of availability weekly

Benazir Sindhi MC. Psychology, Provisional Psychologist | McAtee Psychology

Benazir Sindhi
MC. Psychology, Provisional Psychologist

Availability Weekly

Get Child Counselling in Calgary

If you are unsure whether we can meet your child psychologist counselling online or assessment needs give us a call to receive a free consultation. You can then decide whether we are a good fit for you or your family.

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