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Couples Therapy
Therapy Session

Talk Therapy Calgary

Involves talking to someone who is trained (a therapist) to help you deal with your negative thoughts and feelings.

Talk Therapy Calgary

Focuses These Core Principles:

  • This kind of therapy gives you a chance to explore your mind, and identify the effects of your thoughts and feelings on your behavior and mood.

  • Talk therapy will help you take control of your life and improve confidence and self-esteem

Our Approach

We use personal experience along with a number of treatment modalities to help you clarify what's truly important and meaningful to you and help you use that knowledge to set goals and take actions that enrich the relationships in your life.

Support Group

Get Talk Therapy in Calgary

If you are unsure whether we can meet your counselling  or assessment needs give us a call to receive a free consultation. You can then decide whether we are a good fit for you or your family.

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