Fees for Therapy & Assessment

Counselling Services & Fees

Psychological Assessment Services

Assessment Services are billable to you and your child/families extended insurance.

We offer the following assessment services. Each session is 50 - 55 minutes. The provided hours are a rough estimate.

Complexity of assessment is based on your reasons for seeking an assessment. Assessments include assessment of individuals in multiple environments (school, home, in-person (observation), or work). All assessments receive a debriefing session to discuss the results.

**For Gifted Assessments (Westmount):  A report will only be completed if a student is identified as a gifted learner (Full-Scale IQ = 130 +/- 5). If the student is not identified as gifted, the legal guardian can choose whether they would like a written report to be provided during the feedback session**

Rate per Counselling Session

Professional fees for all new clients are as follows:

50 minute session: $215

80 minute session: $322.5

Professional fees per hour for a session with our provisional psychologists are as follows:

50 minute session: $200

80 minute session $300

  • GST is not charged on mental health services.

Rate per Psychological Assessment

Professional fees per hour of assessment are as follows: 


50 minute session: $200


  • The number of hours required for your assessment will be determined at your intake session.

  • GST is not charged on mental health services.

  • This rate is the recommended fee schedule for a Psychologist in Alberta. Link

Family Support for Children with Disabilities

Sliding fee schedule:

55 minute sessions: $150 to $200

We are a FSCD Psychologist provider for Specialized Service Programs & Developmental and Behaviour Aid Programs

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

We provide therapy, assessment, and consultation to individuals impacted by motor vehicle accidents. We can provide an assessment to your insurance company to secure funding for you to receive therapy after a motor vehicle accident. 

Worker Compensation Board (WCB)

We are a WCB approved provider for all clients receiving therapy/assessment through a Workers Compensation Board program. All clients receive a minimum of 10 covered sessions through WCB.

Full or Partial Coverage

Almost all Extended Health Care Plans cover all or a portion of the costs for a psychologist under "psychologist services", "psychotherapy", or "counselling". Contact your insurance agent for more information on reimbursement procedures and coverage information.


Direct billing is where the Psychologist will bill your insurance company and you will only be responsible to pay for your portion of the session cost.

**Provisional Psychologists are only able to direct bill through Alberta Blue Cross.**

Click here to see if your insurance can be directly billed.

Please Note

Psychologists in Alberta cannot direct bill the following insurance providers:

CINUP, Cowan Insurance Group, Johnson Inc., Manulife, and Sunlife.

** Provisional Psychologists are covered by insurance but can only direct bill through Alberta Blue Cross**