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Gifted Assessment

Is your child an exceptionally fast learner? Does your child thrive on intellectual conversations? Is your child easily bored when they are not challenged enough? If you said yes to any of these questions, your child may benefit from a gifted assessment.

What is a Gifted Assessment?

Gifted assessments are usually required when enrolling a child in gifted programs or private schools that offer gifted curriculum. Psychologists use standardized intelligence tests to assess giftedness. Gifted children score at approximately the 98th percentile or high on standardized measures of intelligence.
These tests uncover important information about how your child learns and processes information. Giftedness is measured by learning potential and not by achievement. Gifted children are sometimes considered underachievers in school because they are bored with the material. However, they may show exceptional knowledge and skills in areas they find stimulated.

What are common characteristics of giftedness?

  • Exceptionally fast learners

  • Incredible memories

  • Strong vocabulary

  • Heightened concentration

  • Using unexpected or “out of the box” strategies to solve problems

  • Creative thinkers

  • Intellectual curiosity for new knowledge

  • Gravitate to mature conversations with adults

  • Advanced sense of humour

What happens when a gifted student isn’t challenged?

  • Impatience and irritability

  • Emotional outbursts often labeled as immaturity 

  • Bossiness or dominance of classroom discussion

  • Refusal to do work leading to underachievement

  • Inattention to classroom activities (can look like ADHD)

  • Overstimulation due to strong processing abilities

  • Difficulty creating and maintaining relationship

  • Perfectionism

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Westmount Charter School Application:

Application deadlines: November 30th, 2022 (K-4); February 15th, 2023 (grades 5-12)

  1. Cognitive/Intelligence Testing only                                               - Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) score or a General Abilities Index (GAI) score of 130 +/- 5.

  2. Teacher Inventory of Learning Strengths (TILS)

  3. Birth Certificate

  4. “Why Westmount?” written by the child’s parents

  5. Most recent report card

  6. Immigration documentation

  7. Additional assessment documents addressing social/emotional/behavioral concerns.

  8. An Individual Program Plan (IPP)

  9. Custody or guardianship documents if applicable

Where does a psychologist fit into the application process?


​A psychologist will complete a psychological assessment to determine your child’s Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) score or a General Abilities Index (GAI) score of 130 +/- 5.

The Process at McAtee Psychology:

Our psychologists are trained in the identification of giftedness and are passionate about advocating for your child’s learning needs. Call our admin to book a Westmount Charter School Giftedness assessment with one of our psychologists. 


What is the cost of a Westmount Charter School Giftedness assessment?


The typical cost is $1,110 (for a full assessment with report and recommendations). We recommend the full assessment even if your child does not meet criteria so that we can discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Check with your insurance company to determine if you and/or your child has coverage for Psychological Intake/Assessment performed by a Registered or Provisional Psychologist.


What to expect during the gifted assessment?

Direct Hours:

  • 30 minutes - Interview with parents (Partial & full assessment)

  • 2 hours - Cognitive Testing (Partial & full assessment)

  • 30 minutes - Debrief and recommendations (full assessment only)


Indirect Hours

  • 2 hours - analysis, scoring, interpretation, and writing of recommendations (full assessment only)

*If the client does not meet the requirements for admission, parent(s) can choose not to move forward with the debrief and the comprehensive report

Want to book an assessment? Call us at 403-902-2234 or send us an email at to get started.

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