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Our Journey

We provide psychological services that are collaborative, genuine, and nonjudgmental. We are an ideal fit for clients who are willing to embrace the challenge of learning skills to face and overcome difficult challenges, experiences, and emotions.


Our Mission

We are a team of mental health therapists dedicated to educating our clients and the community about the importance of mental health. We provide transparent specialized therapeutic services which are designed to support you and your family to create a more rich, connected, and meaningful life.

Our Values

We have a strong connection to personal growth, discovery, collaboration, and results-driven behaviour. We believe that at the forefront of personal wellbeing, is the pursuit of a value-driven lifestyle. We encourage commited actions that are in line with values such as your health, family, travel, and relationship(s). We believe in the development of skills that will help you maintain a balance between your thoughts, feelings, and emotions; using these skills is vital in helping you overcome challenging experiences.


Gavin started McAtee Psychology in 2019. Gavin's mission is to create a psychology practice that is based on the values of teaching/coaching, connection/understanding, and providing clients with high quality services.

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