Helping you and your family create a more rich, connected

and meaningful life.

Therapy & Assessment 
  • Online & In-person Appointments

  • Specialized Teen & Child Therapy

  • Relationship Issues (Marriage & Couples Therapy)

  • Counselling for Adults

  • Automobile Accident Assessment & Treatment

  • Psychological & Psycho-Educational Assessment

What to expect from our services?
  • We specialize in over 15 different types of evidence-based therapies

  • Counselling that is objective, non-judgemental, and supportive

  • Psychological assessment that is comprehensive, evidence-based, and informative

  • Direct-billing & Online Booking 

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Location & Hours

McAtee Psychology currently offers professional psychology services out of offices in Sunalta and Douglas Glen. 

Monday to Friday: 9am - 9pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Meet Our Team

Gavin McAtee | McAtee Psychology Ltd. | Calgary | Alberta

Gavin McAtee

BA., BSc., M.Ed., R. Psych

Coach. Teacher. Plant-lover. Outdoor Adventurist. Video Game lover. Family-guy. Sports. Music.


Jessa Tiemstra

 B.A., M.C., R. Provisional Psych

People. Animals. Nature. Food. Learning.

Paula Headshot 2.png

Paula Mantilla

B.Sc.,  Administrative Support

Foodie. Psychology. Salsa Dancer. Dog-Lover.


Mallory Trepenier

 C.C.C., M.Ed., R. Provisional Psych

Adventurer, Mountain Enthusiast, Social Justice. Value-based.


Amy Patterson

BChSt, B.A,, M.C., R. Provisional Psych

Researcher, Educator, Caregiver, Cat-lover


Linda Nguyen

B.Sc., M.C., Student, Clinic Manager

She/Her. Advocacy. Intersectionality. Science. Makeup.

Ashley Gobin headshot.jpg

Ashley Gobin

BA., MEd., R. Provisional Psych

Continuous learner. Empathetic. Client-centered. Fitness enthusiast. Coffee lover. Dog mom.

Alessandra Headshot for site_edited.jpg

Ally Venturo

B.A., M.A. in Counselling Psychology

Collaboration. Advocacy. Travel.

Calgary Douglas Glen & Sunalta Offices

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Counselling & Assessment Services

Image by Jude Beck

Counselling for Couples & Families

We provide support, guidance, and tools to individuals, couples, and families dealing with relationship issues. We have expertise in marriange counselling, couples counselling, and family counselling. Our strategies will help you improve communication, disarm fighting, enhance respect and affection, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding for all parties involved in the relationship.

Counselling for Adults

We provide consultation, counselling, and assessment to parents and adults who are struggling to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. Our expertise include developmental disorders (ADHD, ASD, Learning disabilities); executive functioning difficulties; and general issues (anxiety, depression, self-esteem).

Therapy Session

Psychological &
Psycho-Educational Assessment

We provide the following assessment services:

Full Psychoeducational Assessment 

Gifted (Westmount) Assessment'

Mental Health/Clinical Assessment  

ADHD Assessment  

Autism Screening 

AISH/PDD Funding Assessment

Counselling for
Teens & Children

We provide specialization services for counselling children and teens. We start by building strong relationship with your child or teen to help them feel comfortable and increase their willingness to share and participate in therapy. We use child and teen-friendly therapy strategies in conjunction with parent consultation. We use developmentally appropriate strategies to help your child express their emotions so they can better manage emotional and behavioural challenges. 

Forest Road

Why Book an Appointment?

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Direct Billing 

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Online or In-person Appointments


Couples & Individual Therapy Rooms

Online Learning.

Easy Online Booking


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