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FSCD Counselling Calgary

Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) is a provincial program providing funding support and services specific to child and family needs. The below information will focus on FSCD Counselling and dive into specifics such as what it is used for, when it is beneficial and how McAtee Psychology uses FSCD Counselling to meet their clients needs

General Information

Roughly fifteen percent of children and young individuals in Alberta school systems were in need of education disability support. Receiving early access to support in the early years of development is important in addressing barriers related to children with disabilities and their ability to fully participate in society and improve their developmental trajectories.


FSCD counselling depends on the contract or funding that the parent has. It can range anywhere from child counselling services, specialized contracts, or behavioural/developmental contracts where 1-2 clinicians work with an aid (we do not provide aids at this time). FSCD Services are specific to each family situation and will assist in determining your child and family’s needs, find services and resources to help achieve your child and family’s goals, setting goals to help child development and participation at home, school and in the community.

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An initial FSCD counselling session will determine what the main goals are, and what steps are needed to get there. Sessions with our clinicians are usually family centered, and involve teaching and implementing strategies that can be implemented in the household. If an FSCD caseworker approves funding, our clinicians here At McAtee Psychology can support by being the clinician for your family. In order to ensure that counselling is effective, the family and child need to be as involved as possible.

Get FSCD Counselling in Calgary

If you are unsure whether we can meet your  counselling or assessment needs give us a call to receive a free consultation. You can then decide whether we are a good fit for you or your family.

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