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Reasons Why you May Need Family Counselling

Updated: May 3, 2021


What is Family Counselling?

Family counselling is a psychological therapy (psychotherapy) that helps family members improve understanding communication and resolve clashes.

Family counselling is usually short-term therapy. It includes all family members or just those who are willing to participate. The strategy of therapy depends on specific family situations. Family counselling can teach you skills to improve family connections and easily get through stressful times, even after your sessions are over. It enhances the bonding and understanding between the family members.

A psychologist or a family counsellor can help families cope with issues like:

  • Family conflicts

  • Culture shock

  • Intergenerational differences

  • Separation or divorce

  • Financial issues

  • Depression

  • Addiction/ Alcoholism

  • Domestic abuse

  • Family violence

Reasons Why You May Need Family Counseling?

Many people dislike discussing their issues and feel uncomfortable with the thought of family therapy. Apprehension to discuss marital issues or family discord is common. Family therapy sessions can help with:

  • Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship between family members

  • Easing communication between family members, thus, easing tension between them

  • Facilitating problem-solving through a better understanding of each other’s behaviour, needs, and problems

  • Empathizing with the affected families’ condition and helping them mend relationships

  • Reducing the chances of family conflicts

  • Encouraging healthy and open discussion on addiction problems and related emotional disorder

How does family counselling work?

The basic premise behind every family is to handle family conflicts peacefully, unbiased of the reasons. The participating family members are encouraged to cooperate so that all family members benefit in meaningful ways.

Every family member strives hard to find lost peace, reconnect, and embrace the given resources to bring back in relationships. Families Develop solutions to deal with the problems together.

Family counselling can include various members of a family unit. It can be for the spouses, parents, children, siblings under the guidance of an effective family counsellor or therapist.

Reach us for help through a family counsellor

Getting help to overcome family problems and improve relationships is one of the wisest, most loving things a family can do for their well-being and future. No family needs to suffer from the stress of unresolved problems that can lead to even bigger problems. There is help, and there is hope. Family counselling can provide the help, support, and intervention needed to repair relationships and build healthy family interactions.

If you’re looking for support, we can help you share your concerns and feelings and help resolve conflict. Learn how a family counsellor can help @ McAtee Psychology.


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