Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

Couples Counselling Calgary

Our relationships with our partner and family is only what it looks like today due to ur desire to dedicate time and energy to resolving conflict opposed to brushing them under the rug. Gavin uses personal experience along with a number of treatment modalities to help you clarify what's truly important and meaningful to you and help you use that knowledge to set goals and take actions that enrich the relationships in your life.


Types of  Couples Counselling

The types of couples counselling I offer include:

  • Interpersonal Therapy

  • Family Systems Therapy

  • Gottman Therapy for Couples

  • Individual counselling for individual issues outside the relationship:

    • Anger management, communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional expression

Benefits of  Couples Counselling

  • Increase trust and confidence with each other

  • Resolve relationship roadblocks before they become problems

  • Clarify your feelings and intentions for the relationship

  • Reduce unnecessary and predictable arguments

  • Reconnect and improve your emotional connection

  • Improved communication

  • Grow personally and together

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What do you cover in couples counselling?

I will work with you to develop a therapeutic plan designed to address your unique needs, goals, and problems/issues. Together we will prioritize which goals you would like to "target" first.

What's your clinical counselling timings?

At the Thrive Business Centre: Tue & Thurs: 12 pm - 9 pm & Wed: 2 - 8 pm, At the Kensington location: Monday and Friday from 12 pm - 9 pm. Subsequent sessions focus on your individualized goals. Appointments are between 1 - 3 weeks apart to give you opportunities to work on the skills you have learned from the previous therapy sessions.

How can someone outside my relationship really help me?

Seeing a therapist can help you identify issues that you may not have seen at the time and then equip you with the tools you need to fix and develop a better connection with your partner.

How long does the couples counselling process last?

This process is a little different for everyone. It will depend on how much work you have to do, how often I see you, and how hard you work towards your goals.

Will my health insurance cover most of the costs of couples counseling?

Almost all Extended Health Care Plans cover all or a portion of the costs for a psychologist under "psychologist services", "psychotherapy", or "counseling". Contact your insurance agent for more information on reimbursement procedures and coverage information. Direct Billing can be performed for a number of companies. Direct billing is where the Psychologist will bill your insurance company and you will only be responsible to pay for your portion of the session cost. Click here to see if yours can be directly billed.

Will my partner and I always attend marriage counselling sessions together?

Attending couples counselling sessions together works best for the relationship. It will help to see both sides of the story and different perspectives on the issues you wish to tackle. If for whatever reason you or your partner can not make it to the session we can always reschedule up to 24 hours beforehand.

Can I come for couples counselling without my partner?

I recommend coming together, but if one of you can not make it we can reschedule up to 24 hours beforehand. I also offer Individual counselling for individual issues outside the relationship including anger management, communication skills, conflict resolution, and emotional expression.

What are the steps I need to take to begin the couples counselling process?

If you or your partner are worried about your relationship the first step you need to request a free 20-minute consultation. From this point we will book an appointment in person or online and then develop goals from there to best meet your needs.

How does Gottman method work?

The Gottman Method develops goals for couples that are used to disarm conflicts through verbal communication. This method removes stagnancy, and creates a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the relationship.

Signs your relationship(s) may require counselling

  • Increasing resentment, disrespect, mistrust, distancing, and defensiveness
  • Arguments or problems that don’t get resolved
  • Persistent resentments, judgments, or disappointments
  • Passive-aggressive or aggressive behavior
  • Repeated instances of critical, undermining, blaming, sarcastic, disrespectful, or manipulative comments.
  • Click here for more signs

Couples Counselling FAQ

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