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Yalom therapy is based on 11 primary factors:


Benefits of Yalom Group Therapy include:

  • Instillation of hope: when individuals feel they have nowhere to go, are stuck in place and feel defeated by life join a group of people struggling with similar issues. Here they have the opportunity to witness changes in others and at the same time grow confidence and have their own changes acknowledged by others.

  • Universality: Learning that you are not alone in life and become connected with others in the group that are going through similar problems
    Imparting Information: exchange on information through the group setting empowers group members with knowledge pertaining to their specific situations. It motivates, gives positive energy to the group, and encourages steps towards change.

  • Altruism: allows group members to gain a sense of value and significance by helping others in the group. As members acknowledge they have something of value to give to fellow members, self-esteem and self-efficacy rise.

  • Corrective recapitulation: provides for the resolution of family and childhood events within the safety of the group family.

  • Socializing techniques: promotion of social development and well-being along with; empathy, tolerance, and other interpersonal skills

  • Imitative Behaviour: Members who witness a group where people are confronting their problems appropriately and forming positive relationships that support healthy changes in their life can learn and imitate these members to promote positive changes in their own lives.

  • Interpersonal learning: teaches members how to develop supportive interpersonal relationships and intimacy through the special attention given to relational issues within the group.

  • Group cohesiveness: Having a sense of belonging within the group. This experience is both nurturing and empowering.

  • Catharsis: the release of suppressed emotions and the promotion of healing by sharing to the group

  • Existential factors: Through living existentially, group members learn how to accept difficulties such as pain and sadness and move through them.

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