Introducing the updates page! 

Here you will find every update that McAtee Psychology has to offer. This will include items such as new blogs, updates regarding the business, changes to hours if any and the addition of new practitioners.

This month our biggest update yet is the addition of Chantal Cote to the team!

Chantal Cote _ Meet Chantal.jpg

Using a non-judgmental approach and meeting teens where they are at, I
offer a gentle and safe place for teens to feel heard. Creating that
safety can be done using talk therapy, activities, expressive arts,
creative writing, movement (walk and talk sessions) and more. I offer a
combination of expressing self, being witnessed (listened to),
discovering resources, and learning new skills and strategies.

November 23, 2020

Chantal specializes in the following areas:
- Teens
- anxiety
- depression
- family conflict and communication
- self-esteem
- body image
- grief
- trauma

We are now half way through our first counselling group for children and teens, and it has been a great time! Beginning next January we are planning to run two different groups. The first group will run for children ages 8 - 11, and the second group will consist of teens age 12 - 16. 


If you are would like to know more about the groups click here

If you would like to find out more or register your child or teen for the group email Gavin at gavin@mcateepsychology.com.

Teen study group