Overview of Psychological Services

Counselling for Teens (Adolescents)

We start by focusing on building a strong relationship with your teen to help them feel comfortable and increase their willingness to share and participate in therapy. We use a unique and engaging teaching style to help your teen explore their core values and support them in creating goals to address areas in their life where they are struggling.


Counselling & Consultation for Children

Our approach with children includes a combination of child-friendly therapy strategies in conjunction with parent consultation. After performing a assessment we will help you understand the root of your child's difficulties and provide you with at-home interventions to support you and your family in managing these difficulties. We use developmentally appropriate strategies to help your child express their emotions so they can better manage emotional and behavioural challenges. We use a network of Occupational Therapists and Language Pathologists who we can refer to, to provide your child with the support they need to lead a rich, full, and meaningful life.


Couples, Marriage, & Family Counselling

We use our personal experience handling difficult relationships along with a number of proven strategies to help you work through relationship issues. We will help you clarify what's truly important and meaningful to you and help you use that knowledge to set goals and take actions that enrich the relationships in your life. We work closely with individuals, couples, and families experiencing challenges in their relationship(s).

Couple in a Kitchen

If you are unsure whether we can meet your counselling or assessment needs give me a call to receive a free consultation. You can then decide whether we are a good fit for you or your family.

Group Counselling

Gavin co-leads with Chantal Côté to provide group members with two different approaches. We strive to make group a fun and engaging process which allows group members to feel comfortable and willing to participate. Our groups give children and teens an opportunity to build life skills (e.g., confidence, self-esteem, communication) while under the supervision of a trained professional. Groups include outdoor activities and classroom facilitated activities (e.g., art, role-plays, group discussions).

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