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Practice Update

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Beginning May 4th, the Government of Alberta began giving permission to regulated health-care workers to begin seeing clients in-person. In this email you will find an update about information included in his COVID-19 response plan to ensure you and your family are able to stay safe while also being able to receive services in-person or through video/phone. Government Update >>

Enhanced Practices for In-person Sessions

  1. Clients will be offered hand sanitizer before and after sessions

  2. Limited number of clients in the clinic space to maintain adequate distance between individuals. There will be a minimum of 2 meter distance.

  3. All surfaces and equipment used during therapy or assessment will be disinfected after each session

  4. Common area surfaces (door knobs, waiting rooms) will be disinfected at least twice daily

  5. Clients will be encouraged to not linger in the waiting room. Families/parents will be asked to wait in their car or in the boardroom if they are not involved in therapy.

  6. Clients are encouraged to inform Gavin and reschedule their appointment if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19

  7. I will conduct regular screenings to ensure he is monitoring himself for any symptoms of COVID-19

Future Appointments I have been seeing a limited caseload for the past 2 weeks. Starting May 26th, all appointments will be considered in-person. Please inform me if you wish to maintain appointments online. 

Practice Update
Download PDF • 785KB

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