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Occupational Therapy Calgary

Occupational therapy is meant to support the person as a whole, with an understanding of the physical, cognitive, and emotional limitations of injury, illness, or disability. We will work with you to activate and train you in tasks to enhance your physical, cognitive, and mental performance.

Serious Conversation

The Main Approaches of Occupational Therapy are:

  • Adaptation: changing the environment or demands of a task to facilitate positive performance

  • Compensation: finding strategies to work around limitations

  • Remediation: restoring skills or abilities that are impaired

My Approach

Gavin has personally committed to improving the relationships in his life that matter the most. His relationship with his partner and family is only what it looks like today due to his desire to dedicate time and energy to resolving conflict as opposed to brushing them under the rug. Gavin uses personal experience along with a number of treatment modalities to help you clarify what's truly important and meaningful to you and help you use that knowledge to set goals and take actions that enrich the relationships in your life.

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If you are unsure whether we can meet your Couples/Individual/Child counselling online or assessment needs give us a call to receive a free consultation. You can then decide whether we am a good fit for you or your family.