Mallory Trepanier, 
C.C.C., MEd.,

Registered Psych 

Mallory Trepanier,  C.C.C., MEd., R. Provisional Psychologist  | McAtee Psychology | Calgary

Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists - License No. 6154
Psychologists’ Association of Alberta

I am a Registered Psychologist, who’s worked 8 years in the field of mental health.  I am passionate about working with adults, children/teenagers, and families who have experienced loss and grief, intergenerational trauma, sexual violence trauma, domestic violence, addiction and mental health concerns including, PTSD, anxiety, dissociation and attachment related presentations.  


I have worked extensively with families and individuals in the nonprofit sector to support them in learning communication skills, relationship building skills,  and conflict resolution skills. As a trauma informed clinician, I value the importance of knowing the family’s history, stories, and relationships as a way of building a foundation for success in these areas.


My ideal clients are seeking a therapist who is authentic, holistic and intentional with how they support their clients. I full heartedly believe that your story is central to healing and that you have your own narratives, strengths and resources to heal in your own unique way and at your own pace. My goal is to support you as you navigate and learn new approaches in healing so that you can see direct changes in your quality of life and relationships. If this is something you are interested in exploring I would be more than happy to connect with you!

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Children & Teens

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I have 8 years experience working with children and youth including:

  • Specialized experience working with kids/teens 12 and up who have presenting concerns including; self-harm, self-esteem concerns, relationship concerns, sexuality, Autism, and attachment related presentations. 

  • Evidence based approaches using CBT, DBT and narrative based approaches and integration of child/teen’s hobbies and interests in therapy, e.g.. music, art and sports.

Specialized Trauma-Informed Counselling

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  • 8 years experience working with individuals and families who have experienced extensive trauma including; domestic violence, intimate parter, sexual violence truama, intergenerational trauma

  • Level 2 certification in Sensorimotor psychotherapy, which is a framework designed in working with people who have PTSD and other related traumas, integrating the body work as a method of healing.

  • If you would like to start addressing some of your trauma I will ensure that we work at a pace that is comfortable for you and that we gain a sense of trust in our therapeutic alliance as this is an integral piece to trauma work


(Adults) Counselling

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  • 18 and up, including  experience working with 65+

  • Experiencing working with people who are grieving, supporting loved ones with mental health, those who have their own mental health concerns, managing relationships, and 

  • Specialization in substance abuse and addiction concerns

  • If you experience anxiety, work related stress/performance, depression, mood regulation concerns, or thoughts of suicide